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On the unique experience

May 5, 2019

Take a chance. Go somewhere, anywhere. Become the cartographer. Draw your own map. Do not relinquish autonomy for a curated experience. Ten thousand people may have stood in this place before you – that is irrelevant – what matters is that you are here now. This is what makes a moment unique. Your heart already knows this – the art is the years spent tuning into her so that when she calls you are ready to listen. Make an infinite number of mistakes & embrace them all. These are the times your growth shifts into authentic evolution. This life will give as little or as much as you demand of yourself. Stay focussed & prepared to flow. Your dreams are riverstones – sleep with them nightly, smoothing rough edges through the turbulence of experience. 📷 @andyrgarside in Croatia 🇭🇷 💙🌍💦🌿

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