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Missing documents

December 18, 2018



Beautiful evening in Split. Sunset is divine. Unfortunately we’re here because we think we left our passports at the Slovenian border control. They searched the van and the dogs were barking so it was a bit confusing – anyway that was the last time we remember them. We only realised this today. The British Consulate in Split have been so helpful but still, the border says our passports are not there so who knows where we lost them. And so begins the rigmarole of getting emergency travel documents, cancelling passports, ordering new ones. We can do most of it online along with a two-hour meeting at the Embassy, then we’ll be back on the road. I can’t even imagine how horrible missing documents must be for people who are economic migrants or refugees who don’t have the luxury of dropping by their local embassy for support and new documentation. It makes anybody feel horribly vulnerable. But in the van, yes things go wrong on the road, they also go wrong in every walk of life – it’s not about creating a life with no problems in it (how bland would that be?) but about being adaptable and able to figure out a new way forward when things don’t go to plan. It’s still ever onwards on this crazy journey. The cold weather at our heels is pushing us to migrate south a bit faster than originally planned, so we have five countries to travel through in the next few weeks and hope to be in Crete for the New Year ✊. #vanlifeeurope #ontheroad #homeiswhereyouparkit #vanlife #fulltimevanlife #wanderer #travellers #nomadiclife #digitalnomad #slowliving #whenthingsgowrong #passport #croatia #split #sunset #moonrise #harbour #liveauthentic #exploretocreate #welivetoexplore

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