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December 4, 2018


Thinking today about how everything we do creates ripples – whether we intend to or not. I read this morning about the rugby rape trial in Ireland and the ripples that has caused, polarising the community across Ireland and beyond. The woman who stood her ground to take them to trial is brave beyond imagining and I genuinely wept to read of her treatment in court and on social media. One of the things that horrified me was the language used by the defendants in their private online chat groups. It’s the most horrendous thing to read and I don’t think it’s ok for them to excuse it as just banter because that kind of thinking causes ripples in the mind, and in the minds of people it touches, and maybe you think it’s just banter but maybe someone who reads it thinks it’s a viable way to treat women. It’s another example of how our society values people with one or two specific attributes over being a well-rounded individual. Our celebration of achievements blinds us to the ripples caused by the rest of a person’s actions. And maybe some don’t think this is a feminist issue – but I’ve never heard a group of women taking about men in that way. It’s not about women hating men – it is about us demanding equality and respect in all walks of life, and if that’s something a person finds difficult to process then perhaps they need to ask themselves why they find it difficult. #dailyconnectionwithnature #ripples #liveauthentic #authenticlife #feminism #ibelieveher #metoo #thepersonalispolitical #feminismisforeverybody #equality. #languageispower use it wisely.

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