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Grandmother spider

May 10, 2019

How do we create? Always, I look deep into myself in order to better understand others; always, I look deep into nature in order to better understand myself. In the past I thought myself a hawk hunting down ideas, or perhaps a galloping horse tossing a great mane on the stage. But increasingly I’ve come to realise that I am a Grandmother Spider, weaving ephemera: that each piece created is joined by the same thread; that I need to stay in one place (slow-travelling in my van) to create; that I need to dream these webs and see what tumbles into them; that flying across the continent for performances, projects & workshops blows irreparable holes in whatever creation I happen to be working on – and I can start again, I always start again, but perhaps I’m tired of always creating beginnings, never getting to the endings…

#poetlife 📷 Andy Garside

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