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Shifting consciousness

August 9, 2018


I’ve felt a shift in connecting with nature these past few weeks. It’s something I haven’t been able to grasp, like a strong undercurrent that I’m not quite aware of. Today, at Ae Forest, the rolling fog cleared from the mind and I realised that, in the past, I’ve said I’m ‘talking to trees’ or ‘conversing with nature’ because there was still always that disconnect – that point where my mind had to be involved and translate whatever the psyche was experiencing into words. Ae is a spiritual place for me. Transformative experiences happen here. I’ve ridden in rain falling so hard my eye sockets filled with rain and it felt as if I were in a giant cathedral. The forest is a deep well of … whatever it is you want to call that spiritual earth energy. Gaia? Chi? There is anger here, but also hope. We came once to take magic mushrooms and the plant spirits were unhappy that I had chosen to use them, and Ae for ‘recreational nonsense’. I’ve never taken them since. I don’t need to. I’ve spent the night here in snow so thick the forest was sleeping and I could still feel their pulse. But today is the day I felt a true shift in consciousness. It was something that I’ve felt in moments before: a deep connection to my surroundings, the knowledge that I am as much a part of this forest as anywhere else. That we are one. This time is different because it’s not a momentary reveal, but a deep understanding, I am no longer conversing with nature and the forest, I am nature, and the forest. And this I carry with me wherever I go. These beautiful wildflowers are always on the mountain trails in summer – we cycled through clouds of fluff from these and thistles. #dailyconnectionwithnature day79

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