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Memory stones

August 11, 2018


I connect with the land and people wherever we are by creating ‘memory stones’ that I lay in the river of energy that is the mind/body/spirit. One of the ways I do this is by ingesting something: making tea, collecting herbs, eating vegetables grown by friends. In this way I feel the connection works on levels that my conscious mind is not aware of. I’d go so far as to say it makes connections my mind isn’t aware of, but my stomach! Ah she is complicated and I do not show her enough respect or love, instead I fill her too full with crap and complain when she struggles or gives obvious signs of being completely overloaded. Today at Andy’s parents’ I’ve collected two plants from the mint family: rosemary and mint, from their garden for the van. Mint is wonderful for the digestive system and rosemary aids memory 😊. They will smell divine hanging up to dry and we’ll think of Andy’s parents whenever we use these beautiful herbs.

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