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Building a tiny home on wheels

April 23, 2019

We built the van interior ourselves over the summer/autumn of 2017 and hit the road full-time at the end of that November. Andy’s a designer so he was able to draw up detailed plans. We watched endless YouTube videos of other people’s builds from across the world so that we could get a feel for what would work for us. We’d also converted a VWT5 the year before for holidays which gave us a good idea of the space we…

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Commitment Vs Individualism

April 22, 2019

Thinking about commitment & individualism: being committed to your tribe (human or animal) asks a lot. The world tells us to follow our dreams, & I believe we should, but what if that conflicts with our commitments? More & more I read the advice to cut free & do whatever we want, but how does that marry with the rise in lonely people? Just living with dogs is a commitment that means we can’t go off when we want. We…

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Conversations with water

April 20, 2019

Conversations with water: wherever we visit it is difficult to settle until I have connected with the water. Usually I do this through swimming, and we drink the local tap water, but where possible I’ll drink from streams too. The water here tastes like snow. Gloriously ice-cold & glacial. These routines are part of a simple water ceremony but if anybody has any to share I’d love to hear them? Living in a van makes us acutely aware of our…

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My favourite way to use up leftover food

April 18, 2019

This is one of my favorite ways to use up leftover food. I usually put veggies from a previous meal in this, but today I had a small portion of spiced chickpeas with peppers so chucked that in. Recipe is so easy: Leftover food. You can put basically anything in this: potatoes, broccoli, peppers, tomatoes, cauliflower, peas – whatever you have. For this I added a couple of grated carrots but you could also use tinned sweetcorn. Chop all veg…

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Following goat trails into the hills

April 12, 2019

Following goat trails into the Greek hills, I explore white rocks split open by giants; patterned surfaces crocheted by rainfall & time. At the highest point I stand with a tree whose name I do not know but whose energy resonates across my chest as if I am a bell, or she a delicious shot of raki. Taking this photo of our van as memento, I scramble home, shins patterned with scratches; a river of energy tumbles words up from…

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Don’t let ignorant people ruin your day

April 11, 2019

And here it was today – the reminder that people can be utterly awful wherever you go and whatever kind of life you choose to live. It’s also a reminder to myself that I have a tendency to romanticise people (whilst also not being terribly good at connecting). We pulled up just further down from here at a lovely big space. There’s only one large camper there with a French couple sitting outside so we wave and pull up about…

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Waving goodbye to Crete

April 9, 2019

Tomorrow we leave Crete. It’s been a life-changing, healing winter here. I’ll be sad to wave goodbye to this magical island but we’ll return in a few years I’m sure. Slowing down and hibernating overwinter has allowed me to notice how the sunset moves along that far horizon from left to right as the days roll by; I’ve become aware that the tides are higher and wilder here around the new moon, and have had time to marvel as bright…

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On Vanlife & Sapiens

April 7, 2019

Living a transient life in a van can change a person, but I suppose it depends how much change is invited. The conscious decision to sell all of our possessions that wouldn’t fit in the van as we transitioned to a nomadic lifestyle was part of the catalyst for an evolution of self. I’m not sure this can fully manifest if you’re holding onto stuff, literally and figuratively. This experience has already encouraged self-learning in so many ways that could…

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Giving thanks

April 4, 2019

Thinking today about gratitude. About truly looking at what is around me and showing appreciation for these things. The guy who lives in this van pictured came here with his elderly dog so that she’d have somewhere beautiful to see out her final days. She died recently and we were all devastated. Life is such a transient, ephemeral thing – as beautiful as we make her. If you’d have said ten years ago (when first taking the plunge into being…

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Moving on

March 26, 2019

6.30pm and it’s still light – the sun is only just setting. I’m folded into a stack of reading research in the ‘lounge’. Andy’s in the the ‘office’ working away. Hounds are snoozing. We booked our ferry off Crete today. 11th April will be our last day here. Winter is well and truly over and the mainland calls. We found so much that was unexpected while overwintering on this beautiful Greek island. The most startling was the need to stay…

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