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Top Nine Instapics of 2018

December 11, 2018

  Love my #topnine. A reminder of this crazy-amazing year and the promise of more to come. There’s photos here from the U.K., Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. My most travelled year ever. One to tell the grandson about when he gets older – we’ll fill his head with wild tales from abroad and hopefully take him on a few when he gets bigger. Last year I deleted Insta, Twitter & FB as they were becoming a burden instead…

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Hunting for gas

December 8, 2018

  Lessons learned today: no matter how many gas cylinders & adapters we have, there’s always room for more. Our original Calor gas can only really be replaced/refilled in the U.K. so we invested in Campingaz for Europe. But now discover neither of those are exchangeable in the Balkans. But now we have a beast of a gas cylinder that should keep us going for months and that fits our Calor adapter – so it turned out ok in the…

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Goodbye Slovenia – hello Croatia

December 3, 2018

  Morning swim in the fog. Temperature is dropping. Still exhilarating. Goodbye Slovenia you are utterly beautiful – we will be back. Photo by Andy Garside, the love of my life, who is back home with us now in the van. #outdoorswimmingsociety #outdoors #slovenia #winterswimming #vanlifeeurope #liveauthentic #homeiswhereyouparkit #ontheroad #traveller #exploretocreate #natureinspires #morningswim #underwater #coldwater #lifeofadventure #wearewild #slowlife #slowliving #slowtravel #vanlifemoment #adventureanywhere #stayawhile…

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Closing ceremony

December 1, 2018

  It’s strange how the world sometimes clicks into focus almost by accident. More and more I’m coming round to the idea that it’s about believing in the process, letting go of everything and having faith that I will find a way forward while taking that leap. It’s not a smooth path. It’s not even a path. A path assumes that someone has been there before to carve a way. This way means that unexpected hurdles, pitfalls and mental caverns…

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Solo in Slovenia

November 28, 2018

  After a day of pottering around the Slovenian coast I’ve found a little snug parkup that feels safe and welcoming. We have a rule that if we have even the slightest misgivings about a place we move on, but this feels right. Already loving Slovenia btw. So beautiful. The autumnal sunset streaming through the window is making the kitchen and our retro kettle look quite lovely. I will be happy here for a few days exploring the place on…

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Artistic Vanlife heroes

November 24, 2018

  One of my artistic heroes, Marina Abromavić, also travelled Europe in a van with her partner for a few years. This woman is such an inspiration. Utterly brilliant and uncompromising in her approach to her art. This retrospective in Florence is sublime. #marinaflorence #art #performanceart #vanlife #theoriginalvanlife #vanlifeeurope #inspiringwomen #exploretocreate #inspired #retrospective…

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The sun always rises

November 22, 2018

Woke to this glorious sunrise. Still processing everything that’s happened over the past few weeks – still in awe at our amazing friends and family who’ve shown such staunch support. Our son has come to visit for a few days so we’ve booked into a place near Florence to take time out. Living your dreams is never easy – no matter what Instagram shows. But I do love the inspirational side of Instagram: we saw people living a more nomadic,…

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When the mountain reveals herself

November 16, 2018

  Been awake for ages. Lying here in Italy but still on India-time. Trying to process these past few weeks but can’t seem to pull it all together in my head. Feels like the threads of creation I was hanging onto have begun to unravel out of my fingers and I’m not sure how to pull them back together anymore. This past year’s focus has been to slow it all down; to not chase things not meant for me; to…

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Navigating the tough times

November 15, 2018

  Sometimes life throws a curveball. A reminder that no matter how much we plan and work and dream, events will happen that are out of our control. Living in a van is a more precarious existence. It gives us the freedom to explore new places and dream new dreams, but existing on the margins also means that life is a bit more fragile; the more we open ourselves to experiences, the more possibility there is of the negative as…

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Dragonfly (part 2)

November 13, 2018

  ‘A dragonfly only needs to skim the surface of water to create a cascade of ripples’ (Chinese proverb) Managed to get a great shot of this beautiful dragonfly recently while in the north of Bengal.…

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