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Rediscover yourself

April 13, 2019

Sat on a 30hr ferry north, taking it slow, putting less miles on the van, less stress on our hearts. Remembering these words written on an overnight train across India a few years ago, & thinking that we are so much more than the one-dimension of work, or the narrow confines of our Instagram account, or even the family/community roles designated to us. We are kaleidoscopic, with infinite combinations of ourselves to share with the world. We try things, then…

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Don’t let ignorant people ruin your day

April 11, 2019

And here it was today – the reminder that people can be utterly awful wherever you go and whatever kind of life you choose to live. It’s also a reminder to myself that I have a tendency to romanticise people (whilst also not being terribly good at connecting). We pulled up just further down from here at a lovely big space. There’s only one large camper there with a French couple sitting outside so we wave and pull up about…

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On Vanlife & Sapiens

April 7, 2019

Living a transient life in a van can change a person, but I suppose it depends how much change is invited. The conscious decision to sell all of our possessions that wouldn’t fit in the van as we transitioned to a nomadic lifestyle was part of the catalyst for an evolution of self. I’m not sure this can fully manifest if you’re holding onto stuff, literally and figuratively. This experience has already encouraged self-learning in so many ways that could…

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Moving on

March 26, 2019

6.30pm and it’s still light – the sun is only just setting. I’m folded into a stack of reading research in the ‘lounge’. Andy’s in the the ‘office’ working away. Hounds are snoozing. We booked our ferry off Crete today. 11th April will be our last day here. Winter is well and truly over and the mainland calls. We found so much that was unexpected while overwintering on this beautiful Greek island. The most startling was the need to stay…

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Tiny living

March 14, 2019

We spent months agonizing over the layout of the van. We wanted it to feel spacious and be a place we could sit and work in as well as relax in the evenings. Because it is our only home it had to be somewhere we could comfortably fold into for a few days if the weather was bad. Also we have two large vanhounds so couldn’t have a small galley because there wouldn’t be enough room for them (yes we…

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Family time

February 12, 2019

Travel is such a gift. The opportunity to grow, to see yourself in a new light, to see people from other countries as potential connections instead of a threat. It feels like two sides of a coin: the rooting in one place / \ the letting go & learning to fly. I used to think you should be one person or the other – now I realise that growth comes from learning when to grow roots, and when to grow…

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February 6, 2019

connection: I have constructed & dismantled myself over & over / so that I might understand why I exist / I have sung songs that were not mine (they are all mine) / I have endured bitter winters evergreen / terrified to let needles drop / I have shed bark & tossed my mind into the universe / where others sought depth / I was the shallows // I have tumbled into planets & returned chastised / the voice of…

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Beneath the Matala Moon

January 19, 2019

The island of Crete is home to so many layers of culture throughout time. From Bronze Age Minoan ruins to the place where Icarus and Daedalus took flight to escape King Minos in Greek mythology, it’s a fascinating place. This time of year the coastlines are littered with empty holiday homes, hotels and apartments that give a stark reminder of how the fashion of buying a place to escape the ratrace for the holidays has created a different layer of…

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