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Beneath the Matala Moon

January 19, 2019

The island of Crete is home to so many layers of culture throughout time. From Bronze Age Minoan ruins to the place where Icarus and Daedalus took flight to escape King Minos in Greek mythology, it’s a fascinating place. This time of year the coastlines are littered with empty holiday homes, hotels and apartments that give a stark reminder of how the fashion of buying a place to escape the ratrace for the holidays has created a different layer of…

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Less food waste

January 18, 2019

Went a bit mad at the farmers market last Saturday in Míres which means we still have produce to eat, but then we found an amazing parkup so haven’t moved in a week. To make sure there’s no food waste I’ve just been cooking tapas style dishes all week, adding new ones to the table as others are finished. To the leftovers from yesterday’s food (see previous post) I added a bowl of herby pan roasted potatoes, broccoli stems in…

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Slow food

January 17, 2019

Taking time to eat slowly is a goal for 2019. I’m a gannet. Always eating my food as if it were about to be stolen 🙈. I can literally inhale an entire meal when some people are still chewing their first mouthful. It makes for embarrassing situations in restaurants. Part of slow living for me is about taking time to make and appreciate food, so I’m finding that making a small ceremony of it helps: setting out a table, appreciating…

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Herbal lift

January 14, 2019

The trip to the Cretian farmers market in Míres at the weekend yielded a wonderful tea discovery. I bought (pictured clockwise from top) mint, mountain flower, dandelion and on the left of the photo is a local blend: Minoan Kings 13 mountain herbs of Crete. Honestly it’s delicious. Sweet, fragrant and layered. That night I drank a few mugs before bed. I couldn’t sleep, I woke at 2am to read for an age and still woke early. The next day…

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New moon musings

January 9, 2019

We are past the first new moon since the winter solstice and the consolidation of ideas is forming in the waves that beat the rhythmic soundtrack to these short winter days. Ideas are no longer so disparate and ephemeral so that I can feel a way forward, if only marginally, but she’s there and I’m learning not to squash that impulse these days, instead choosing to kindle her like a tiny fire while finding the courage to let go of…

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Living your best life

January 1, 2019

  We’ve been in the van for over a year now. It’s New Year’s Day & we’re in Crete. Definitely working at living our best lives is paying off, which has me thinking about what ‘living your best life’ means. Ten years ago we started out as freelancers, the kids were younger, and we lived in a small town in north Wales – Mold. Living our best lives then meant being stitched into our local community and I volunteered or…

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on education

December 29, 2018

I have something to tell you. These words have been clawing beneath the surface for some time now and I thought that by changing course I could sink them like river stones but they snag at my soft belly as I roll over landscapes, so I will write them here, cast them out into the world and retreat. Education is a lie. I am sorry to say this because my father is a retired teacher who gave his life to…

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Sea cliff foraging

December 28, 2018

We will stay on Crete for two months. After some days of folding into myself it is time to explore more, to fold outwards, to map this place across feet & stomach & heart. This morning, foraging along rocky coastlines with a friend I am introduced to sea fennel (I’ve since learned that this is samphire!) and wild thyme. Samphire is a revelation – a burst in the mouth, fresh and slightly sharp like lemon with salt, and a gentle…

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A waking heart

December 28, 2018

  I searched for myself in the judgement of ancestors & echochambers under listening feet / fumbling through the words of others I foraged line-breaks & metaphor / stumbled into punctuation / I have been overactive & inert / push forward & withhold / over the solstice time no ritual spoke to this quiet heart & I retreated into wine bottles & maudlin / gnawing at my bare heels the words: you are not doing enough, you are not enough…

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