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on storytelling & writing plans

July 14, 2019

As we’ve been stationary in Caerwys for the past two weeks working on van maintenance I’ve had time to reflect on the years spent hunting & foraging across landscapes to discover the truth of my heart. And this week I woke with the realisation that I am The Storyteller, grandmother spider, weaving stories; sometimes through poetry, travel or sound, sometimes through performance or food. At the moment I’m experimenting with the short & longform speculative fiction/dystopian narratives. Futureproof is a…

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Tuning into the white noise

July 11, 2019

I’ve been sitting with a small river & waterfall in Caerwys this week, or standing on the shoreline at Talacre, tuning into the white noise. Sometimes I hear it as a roar, sometimes a whisper, but it’s always there, the voice of nature, humming away in the background. This is an early poem from the Prophecy: conversations with my Self pamphlet, an old recording of it is on Soundcloud (link here).…

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Queen of Horses

July 8, 2019

Today, on the day the holly king takes over from the oak king to preside over the waning half of the year, our daughter Rhiannon turns 23. I thought to teach her so much about life but really it is she who taught me, about motherhood, about love & friendship. Twenty three years was another life ago. Every day I woke and wanted to be a better person, was inspired by her to fully understand the capacity of love so…

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The Wild Hunt

June 26, 2019

This poem is a good eight years old, but still, I’m thinking of it just now because I’m lying in bed, in a van, in a heatwave in the north of France. When the wild first came alive in my mind I did my best to ignore her, did everything to walk a different path from the one she was calling me down, and yet years later here I am, my entire worldly possessions fitted into this van, parked in…

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How I live now

June 23, 2019

I love this visual tree poem Andy created a few years ago. I’m posting it here in yellow & white because it reminds me of the solstice, of the bright summer sun we are enfolded in just now in France & the long shimmering van days spent lazing & loafing by lakes or rivers – I think Walt Whitman would be proud. As the vanlife months roll on I’m still trying to figure out the best way to connect with…

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The art of transpiration

June 20, 2019

Working on writing another poem in the ‘connecting with trees’ series has me thinking of this poem written over a year ago. Increasingly I feel I have nothing to teach, increasingly I believe I cannot show anybody how to do anything – it’s one of the reasons I’ve quit workshopping. How can I stand in front of a group and teach them how to write anything if all I can really do is to say?: You are beautiful & individual…

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creating dailyconnectionwithnature poetry

Learning the language of the Land

June 18, 2019

We’ve been stationary in the south of France for over a week and it’s finally given me the space to finish the new poetry pamphlet, The Slow-Time Traveller. I’m returning to a hand-stitched pamphlet for this in the way that Hanes, Prophecy, and DRKMTR were all made. Having a limited run and taking the time to make each piece feels fitting. There’s something connecting & grounding about this way of Slow Publishing. I wrote a poem for connecting with autumn/winter…

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