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How I live now

June 23, 2019

I love this visual tree poem Andy created a few years ago. I’m posting it here in yellow & white because it reminds me of the solstice, of the bright summer sun we are enfolded in just now in France & the long shimmering van days spent lazing & loafing by lakes or rivers – I think Walt Whitman would be proud. As the vanlife months roll on I’m still trying to figure out the best way to connect with…

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The art of transpiration

June 20, 2019

Working on writing another poem in the ‘connecting with trees’ series has me thinking of this poem written over a year ago. Increasingly I feel I have nothing to teach, increasingly I believe I cannot show anybody how to do anything – it’s one of the reasons I’ve quit workshopping. How can I stand in front of a group and teach them how to write anything if all I can really do is to say?: You are beautiful & individual…

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Learning the language of the Land

June 18, 2019

We’ve been stationary in the south of France for over a week and it’s finally given me the space to finish the new poetry pamphlet, The Slow-Time Traveller. I’m returning to a hand-stitched pamphlet for this in the way that Hanes, Prophecy, and DRKMTR were all made. Having a limited run and taking the time to make each piece feels fitting. There’s something connecting & grounding about this way of Slow Publishing. I wrote a poem for connecting with autumn/winter…

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Iris finds me again

June 4, 2019

Iris finds me again. Hidden away at the edge of a riverbank. I almost miss this only Iris in the near vicinity (& realise only after hiking the hounds around all weekend). She has me thinking again on the nature of time – that all time exists as one; that time & space are the same dimension. I first wrote about this in a piece called Coflyfr: experimentations with time (link here). I’d read Jay Griffiths’ Pip Pip: a sideways…

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When Iris & the mountains collide

June 2, 2019

Lines written a few days ago / We arrive in the French Alps & I intuit a return to the Patreon idea for writing the OUTSIDER book by following these signs: I am surrounded by Iris (I’ve never seen so many varieties in one place both wild & cultivated), I follow a dream, & have a new & completely unexpected Patreon supporter – heartfelt thanks Anastacia Ackers for your generous support in these early days – it makes all the…

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Psycholingualgeography & Iris

May 21, 2019

Fractals are such beautiful natural occurrences, appearing everywhere from romanesco cauliflower, to ferns (I have fern tattooed on my arm) and snowflakes, from mountain ranges to lightening strikes. I believe the fractal cosmology theory – that the universe is a fractal – perhaps we just can’t see it because we’re in it. I believe this because I see them everywhere, all the time. As I’ve been writing over the years I’ve shaped the various works to represent a fractal: excerpts…

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Lost & found

May 18, 2019

This poem is ten years old. I remembered it when walking through the forest yesterday so decided to follow that intention and post an excerpt today (from the Prophecy pamphlet – on my website). It made me realise how much we work in circles, spiraling outwards, then back in, then out again. Returning to the same cornerstones, smoothing rough edges a little more each time, or adding new stones to the cairns. I heard Carol Ann Duffy say once that…

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