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Iris finds me again

June 4, 2019

Iris finds me again. Hidden away at the edge of a riverbank. I almost miss this only Iris in the near vicinity (& realise only after hiking the hounds around all weekend). She has me thinking again on the nature of time – that all time exists as one; that time & space are the same dimension. I first wrote about this in a piece called Coflyfr: experimentations with time (link here). I’d read Jay Griffiths’ Pip Pip: a sideways…

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Alone in the wild water

June 3, 2019

When I am alone in the wild water, nothing matters except this one, perfect moment. 💧🏞💦🌍 📷 @andyrgarside Subscribe to Patreon (link here) for two new chapters of the OUTSIDER book each month (14th & 28th) starting from June. Each chapter includes a more in-depth piece of writing as well as a photojournal by Andy Garside and a new recipe or poem. Exclusive only for Patreon supporters. Follow these travels for as little as $1a month. Please support this writer…

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When Iris & the mountains collide

June 2, 2019

Lines written a few days ago / We arrive in the French Alps & I intuit a return to the Patreon idea for writing the OUTSIDER book by following these signs: I am surrounded by Iris (I’ve never seen so many varieties in one place both wild & cultivated), I follow a dream, & have a new & completely unexpected Patreon supporter – heartfelt thanks Anastacia Ackers for your generous support in these early days – it makes all the…

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Only a dream can kill a dream

June 1, 2019

Only a dream can kill a dream. How do we wake from the American Dream, the capitalist dream? It’s the dreamers who are prepared to step away from the system, who are not dazzled by it all, who know that we create the world each day anew along with the rising sun & we do it with poetry & song & art all woven into nature; we do it by planting seeds & mending ourselves & sharing & repurposing; we…

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Slowing the mind down

May 31, 2019

Parked up miles from anyone & anywhere, at the edge of a bright aquamarine reservoir, surrounded by acres of beech & pine forest, we hike the hounds & cook good food. As the sun dips behind skyscraper-sized mountains we kindle a fire into being. Slow days & simple times for when the mind starts speeding too fast & I can’t seem to get a hold of anything. Sitting here, slowing the mind down, feeling such freedom, with everything we own…

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nature travel vanlife

New collaborations & ideas

May 29, 2019

There is a writing ritual: hiking over cloud-grey boulders I stand at the water’s edge & hunt for silver flashes of inspiration. Coffee bubbles on a tiny twig-fired stove transforming the space, inviting warmth. Heart threaded throughout the earth’s surface with the roots of bird-song-filled pine trees I loosen thought’s fishing nets into turbulent waters & sit with the patience of river rocks. I wait & wait, until finally, words appear… photography: @andyrgarside words: @sophiemckeand_outsider jacket & bag: @jeckybeng With…

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Psycholingualgeography & Iris

May 21, 2019

Fractals are such beautiful natural occurrences, appearing everywhere from romanesco cauliflower, to ferns (I have fern tattooed on my arm) and snowflakes, from mountain ranges to lightening strikes. I believe the fractal cosmology theory – that the universe is a fractal – perhaps we just can’t see it because we’re in it. I believe this because I see them everywhere, all the time. As I’ve been writing over the years I’ve shaped the various works to represent a fractal: excerpts…

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