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Birds nests in my heart

June 24, 2019

After a torrential rainstorm recently, I find this tiny birds’ nest on the ground under a pine tree. It is so perfectly formed & fragile I have to scoop it up. When I do, I’m enamoured with its delicate weavings – such artistry! Moss & grasses have been purposefully threaded to form the base structure. But mostly I’m surprised by the sturdy composition – a miscellany of hair: dog, horse, human, are tightly woven & layered so that the inner…

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Summer solstice at Lac du Saint Pardoux

June 22, 2019

My family have been coming to Lac du Saint Pardoux for over twenty years. I have a deep affinity with this beautiful lake and am loving every step of this weekend reminding me that, in this place I lost my mind & found myself; in this place the landscape came to life in my imagination in a way I would never had said was possible; in this place I asked the trees to help someone I loved dearly & witnessed…

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Strawberry full moon

June 21, 2019

We spent a magical two weeks camping with Andy’s parents near Fanjeux in the south of France. Vanlife is changing our relationships with our families & close friends as much as with ourselves & each other. Perhaps this is because we don’t see people as often, so when we do we make much more of an effort. Vanlife shines a bright light on everything, making us realise how easy it is to take certain connections for granted – with people…

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The art of transpiration

June 20, 2019

Working on writing another poem in the ‘connecting with trees’ series has me thinking of this poem written over a year ago. Increasingly I feel I have nothing to teach, increasingly I believe I cannot show anybody how to do anything – it’s one of the reasons I’ve quit workshopping. How can I stand in front of a group and teach them how to write anything if all I can really do is to say?: You are beautiful & individual…

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June 17, 2019

Travelling across Europe I am coming to realise how many more cultures exist in the liminal spaces between living people & history books; how many more words & stories grow like weeds in the manicured lawn of western cultural hegemony. I need to learn languages again. I don’t have any except English and Cymraeg (and my Welsh unravels a little more every day I don’t use it); although I can get by in French. I woke thinking of this older…

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Learning from my mistakes

June 12, 2019

I’ve been so busy getting all the new work ready to drop on Patreon this Friday morning I forgot to do a blog for today. Anyway we were paid a visit by this glorious cream spot tiger moth recently, at one point it landed on my hand. What a beauty! Thanks to our daughter @rhi_mckeand for the identification. Learning the names of the plants & creatures makes complete sense through this organic process of being in nature instead of a…

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The ‘how to be a raincloud’ manual

June 7, 2019

Thinking of all the landscapes that have been reflected in these rear windows – and the many more there are to come. Each place is a new adventure, a new story waiting to be told. Sometimes we stop & immerse, other times we are just passing through. No way of experiencing a place is the ‘right way’. A rain cloud does not worry if it is travelling at the right speed, or if it is raining in the correct designated…

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Each new day I wake, look what is around me, & create

June 5, 2019

I wrote yesterday of Coflyfr, that it was created by weaving the words of writers throughout time. I’ve been thinking of that piece because I now realise OUTSIDER is a return to this way of working, only instead of immersing in the words of writers, I’ve been taking every new inspiration from the land. Each new day I wake, look what is around me, & create, drinking deep from the river of time that spins us around in pools &…

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