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February 5, 2019

there is a choice we make / even as we are tumbled by ocean waves / even as currents unravel our resolve / we can be lighthouse or rock / sea-foam or anchor / navigating in circles around each other / we scupper ourselves on distant horizons / if you saw me drowning would you save me? // all of these tiny misunderstandings fall like raindrops / deliberate & relentless / I am soaked with I’m sorries / cannot take…

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my body was a boat leaking poems

January 22, 2019

/ I lay starfished in the Mediterranean Sea / flesh & bones floating in saltwater / my body was a boat leaking poems / with eyes open I knew the white mountains / my body was in conversation with the water / eyes closed, I whirlpooled with constellations / my body translated the sublime into non-action / later I twist & wrench revelations into words / & as the sun sets, this land knows me /…

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Life with vanhounds

January 10, 2019

Scrambled up a hill with my best hiking buddies this morning. Think they enjoyed it too 🙈. Life with this pair can be a bit of a handful at times – they have so much energy and need a lot of time outside. Luckily we’re outdoor people. Contrary to a lot of people’s perceptions, the dogs are easier to manage now we’re in a van because it’s new scenery every day, new hikes that keep them curious and excited, and…

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January 3, 2019

  / woken by rolling thunderstorms / my heart is rhythmic waves beating inside the rib cave / rain pummels insistent against our van roof so that I can hear it erasing my bones / I disintegrate like sandstone / like a memory / like stars / I am white noise & nothingness / in dreams I am a waterfall / pierce the surface with the beak of a crow / I lie in bed & tumble into the otherworld…

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Sea cliff foraging

December 28, 2018

We will stay on Crete for two months. After some days of folding into myself it is time to explore more, to fold outwards, to map this place across feet & stomach & heart. This morning, foraging along rocky coastlines with a friend I am introduced to sea fennel (I’ve since learned that this is samphire!) and wild thyme. Samphire is a revelation – a burst in the mouth, fresh and slightly sharp like lemon with salt, and a gentle…

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Solstice tree dreaming

December 22, 2018

  Last night’s solstice was a subtle affair. After making mulled wine with Croatian produce (the white wine and honey were gifts; the carob, clementine and pomegranate from the market in Split) I downloaded a nidra journey session from Liminal Roots Botanica, and spent some time reflecting on last year while setting an intention for the coming one. The spirit animal card pulled was The Rabbit, for creative endeavour, for accepting that the journey is never a linear process and…

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Winter solstice

December 20, 2018

  The winter solstice is nearly upon us. Over these past few years I’ve found myself decoupling from the frenzy of Xmas. Perhaps it’s because our children are now grown adults with lives of their own; or because my elderly relatives no longer all congregate together so that I no longer cook a giant meal; or that other family members are now spread out across the world more; or that I’m tuning more into myself and the land. Whatever the…

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Caught by the river

December 18, 2018

    I wrote a piece for Caught by the River’s Shadows & Reflections series. Here’s an extract (link in biog for full piece). Also, take some time to explore their site, it’s overflowing with beautiful words & art❤️. Photo of the van in Austria by Andy Garside… This has been a year of weavings and unravellings, of building a day from nothing; of inviting change into our lives, both good and bad and embracing the consequences; of responding to…

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Goodbye Slovenia – hello Croatia

December 3, 2018

  Morning swim in the fog. Temperature is dropping. Still exhilarating. Goodbye Slovenia you are utterly beautiful – we will be back. Photo by Andy Garside, the love of my life, who is back home with us now in the van. #outdoorswimmingsociety #outdoors #slovenia #winterswimming #vanlifeeurope #liveauthentic #homeiswhereyouparkit #ontheroad #traveller #exploretocreate #natureinspires #morningswim #underwater #coldwater #lifeofadventure #wearewild #slowlife #slowliving #slowtravel #vanlifemoment #adventureanywhere #stayawhile…

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