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Changing up the morning tea

July 19, 2019

Switching up the morning tea ritual – ditching teabags for good. Maybe it won’t change the world but it will change something. I’m starting to believe more in the power of small, positive changes cascading outwards to become a mighty river of change. A river comprised of the simple coalescing of an infinite number of tiny raindrops of intent. We do not need to plan the course of river, where or how she should appear, we just need to work…

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July 18, 2019

It takes time to settle into a tiny home, to eek out the spaces for art, the corners for multi-purpose storage. Everything must add value to our lives in either a practical or aesthetic way; we have learned to otherwise be harsh in our ejecting of stuff from the van. We rarely buy gifts unless absolutely sure it will be of use or bring joy to a person and we ask for no gifts in return (unless we, or they,…

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Switching to natural cleaners

July 16, 2019

After all the wonderful advice on here recently about natural home-made cleaning products (reasons why I love Instagram #435) I started doing a bit of research and have discovered a home-made fabric/air freshener. Ah! This is a gamechanger if you have damp hounds in confined spaces. I’m still experimenting at the moment but this bottle hold 500ml water. To that I added 2 teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda in which I’d mashed 20drops of grapefruit & 20 drops of lemon…

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Van heating – a gamechanger

July 10, 2019

The heater was fitted this week by Andy – another skill to add our expanding repertoire of ‘things we’ve had to learn on the road’. The elation felt with each accomplishment is indescribable – it’s all about the small victories. So far the weather has dictated much of our travels – we would have stayed longer in Croatia Nov/Dec 2018 but it was becoming unbearably cold in the van so we hot-footed it down to Crete where we stayed for…

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Living small

July 9, 2019

Re-covered the foam seats (also a brighter blue shade painted on the doors which I love). The old seats were shredded & faded from months of us all clambering on them, but the foam is still solid, if a little wonky. This is a different pattern from last time (still from YouTube). Last time I cut a separate panel for each surface and stitched together with a velcro opening at one end. The problem with this for a novice is…

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Comfort vs adventure

June 29, 2019

An excerpt from one of the earliest OUTSIDER entries over a year ago. We’ve come so far in the time since this was written, both geographically & psychologically. Am I a different person? Or am I finally becoming my true self? Either way, these words continue to ring true, & I resolve to keep letting go of that comfort so as to welcome adventure into this wild & beautiful life. Link to full piece here.…

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The Wild Hunt

June 26, 2019

This poem is a good eight years old, but still, I’m thinking of it just now because I’m lying in bed, in a van, in a heatwave in the north of France. When the wild first came alive in my mind I did my best to ignore her, did everything to walk a different path from the one she was calling me down, and yet years later here I am, my entire worldly possessions fitted into this van, parked in…

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Cooking on two rings

June 16, 2019

I’ve always loved cooking. When the kids were younger we got a weekly vegbox delivered and then later I became part of a local CSA. Now we’re on the road it takes a bit longer to hunt out local farmers markets, and to be honest they’re not always on when we’re passing through, so it’s a mix of markets, local shops and supermarkets. These days we’re vegetarian and I’m creating more vegan meals as the time rolls on. Only having…

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Happiness is a state of mind

May 23, 2019

As much as Instagram might want to prove otherwise, Vanlife isn’t all syrupy sunsets and myth-filled forests of giants. We spent yesterday day & night in this camping superstore car park near Magenta, Italy surrounded by other vans, facing a noisy, traffic-filled roundabout. It made me think on the phrase: happiness is a state of mind. It doesn’t really matter where you are or who you’re with, if you’re not happy in yourself then you’re going to find things to…

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Building a new life together

May 19, 2019

Woke this morning thinking how far we’ve come since first having a dream to sell/gift 95% of our possessions and head off to explore Europe in a self-converted van. We had to learn so many new skills to make this work – the first one being self-belief. This is an ex-delivery van (Mercedes Sprinter hi-top LWB) that originally had ply-panelling throughout and a giant metal bulkhead. It took us from April – Nov 2017 to do a complete refit. Mainly…

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