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Mulled white wine

December 1, 2018

  Cold dark winter nights = warmed drinks. Experimenting with mulled white wine tonight. Basically because I bought a bottle of what I thought was Slovenian prosecco but it’s really sweet. I haven’t added spirits as I don’t want to be sloshed (and I don’t have any!) but so far I’ve added: cardamom pods, allspice berries, a large cinnamon stick, half a lemon, dried rose petals and liquid sugar (you can use honey if not vegan). There is no method…

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One year vanniversary

November 24, 2018

Celebrating our one year vanniversary with fluffy cinnamon pumpkin pancakes for brunch before heading to see an exhibition in Florence. Can’t believe it was one year ago (yesterday) we gave back the keys to our rented house and hit the road full time. It’s been a crazy twelve months filled with so many laughs and tears I don’t even know where to begin. It has made us really see each other and focus on getting to know each other again.…

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rural theatre at the border

November 11, 2018

Passing through the Mekhliganj corridor that connects the pockets of Indian villages in Bangladesh felt strange. The 1947 Partition of Bengal created enclaves of what feels like terra nullius (no man’s land) split by vast corridors twice the width of a highway fenced in and manned by armed guards so that the people of India can travel between villages that would otherwise be cut off by the surrounding Bangladesh. We travelled to the border that is the Teesta river, and looked over…

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bengali hospitality

November 6, 2018

  Bengali hospitality and cuisine take some beating and I’m discovering first-hand why they’re legendary. While travelling across this ever-changing country new friends are delighting in introducing me to Bengali cuisine; eating here is part of an education in the culture and a way to make a deeper connection with the land. I’m beginning to realise how important sweets are in Bengali and Nepali culture. Bought from small shops a bit like European patisseries, these are often milk or cheese…

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Bengali cooking

November 3, 2018

Soon we head north on the overnight train. It was so hot today I only left the apartment briefly this morning. Now I understand why everything stops at noon and doesn’t start up again until 5pm. You’d be mad to stay out in that heat. So instead my wonderful friend cooked us a delicious lunch. She would say it’s just an average lunch but I’ve never had Bengali food like it. Here’s dhal with rice, spiced smoky aubergine, pumpkin, fenugreek…

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Solo shopping

November 1, 2018

Shopping in Kolkata markets is always fun. This might not sound like much but this evening I went alone into Kolkata to sort some paperwork, then went shopping for a dessert and a few other things. Once you get the hang of how a city works it’s a lot less daunting and I’m enjoying exploring small bit by myself. Although staying with a friend here means I’m given loads of great directions first otherwise I’d have been totally lost. This…

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Italian inspired comfort food

October 29, 2018

  Today I’m in a bit of a daze. It’s rained for two days solid here in Italy and I’m packing for the long journey from Milan to Kolkata (via Heathrow and Doha) that begins in a few hours (or earlier today if you count the drive up to the airport). I’ve been immersed in this period of creative development for nearly a year, so now this very final stage is here I’m both ridiculously excited and terrified. Decided I…

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Dining alfresco

October 10, 2018

  Dining alfresco 😊. Love being able to make a picnic to sit by the lake while working. This is a really yummy Italian flavoured rice and spinach warm salad. It’s just loads of chopped spinach in a pan with a big handful of chopped sun dried tomatoes, peppers, garlic, oregano, dried chilli, olive oil. Cook rice separately. When both are cooked fold together with loads of black pepper, juice of a 1/2 lemon (add more if you like) and…

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A food diary of sorts…

September 20, 2018

Today’s meal is inspired by recent friendships and travels. I suppose this is my way of processing everything I’ve learned and experienced over the past few weeks. This is a middle-Eastern spiced bean & rice stew. Usually I’d cook the rice separately but my Bengali friend taught me rice dhal (lentils, rice & potatoes all go in the one pan) and now I’m hooked. After this, spending time in the Refugee Community Kitchen and eating their delicious food got me…

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