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Keeping a relationship on the road

June 19, 2019

Vanlife wouldn’t be the same without this guy. We’ve been together fifteen years now and our relationship has been a beautiful, constantly evolving creature from day one. Sometimes I can’t believe all the things we’ve created together – all the different ways in which our lives overlap & intertwine; all the highs & lows we’ve celebrated & weathered. We still talk incessantly & share & laugh like our early days. There are of course some times we get stuck &…

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I no longer experience time

June 14, 2019

Excerpt from The Slow-Time Traveller. Part of the new chapter just published on OUTSIDER this morning. Password for all content is over on Patreon. Any time you sign up you get access to the whole back catalogue. Thank you to everyone who’s shown support for this new book format, allowing me the space to experiment with publishing forms.…

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Alone in the wild water

June 3, 2019

When I am alone in the wild water, nothing matters except this one, perfect moment. 💧🏞💦🌍 📷 @andyrgarside Subscribe to Patreon (link here) for two new chapters of the OUTSIDER book each month (14th & 28th) starting from June. Each chapter includes a more in-depth piece of writing as well as a photojournal by Andy Garside and a new recipe or poem. Exclusive only for Patreon supporters. Follow these travels for as little as $1a month. Please support this writer…

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OUTSIDER is evolving

May 28, 2019

We’ve arrived in the French Alps, crossing borders from flat forgettable agricultural landscapes to once again sleeping in the shadows of mountain gods. The quickfire spring burst of creativity is giving herself over to something more mature that needs time to evolve in these longer days & summer sun before sharing. Still, these travels & insights unearthed as we wander across Europe feel as if they need to be published in real-time, in Slow Time. The longer, more thoughtful posts…

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OUTSIDER password protected content

May 27, 2019

Dear friends – firstly I want to thank you for following this evolutionary journey as we work to slow our lives down & decouple from the stresses & expectations of our hyper-fast culture. Last night in Italy, sleeping under fruiting cherry trees, I dreamed of a strong, wide river. Filled with bravery, I swam into the centre & was carried swiftly downstream. I wasn’t drowning, but the fast-flowing river bundled me much farther than anticipated. I wasn’t able to swim…

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Psycholingualgeography & Iris

May 21, 2019

Fractals are such beautiful natural occurrences, appearing everywhere from romanesco cauliflower, to ferns (I have fern tattooed on my arm) and snowflakes, from mountain ranges to lightening strikes. I believe the fractal cosmology theory – that the universe is a fractal – perhaps we just can’t see it because we’re in it. I believe this because I see them everywhere, all the time. As I’ve been writing over the years I’ve shaped the various works to represent a fractal: excerpts…

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Iris finds me again

May 20, 2019

Iris finds me again. It is inexplicable. I cannot tell you what makes me decide to stay in Slovenia for one more day, only that I choose this new place because there is a tap. I cannot tell you why I decide to hike much farther than usual when huge rainclouds threaten. Climbing up through slender myth-kissed beech trees I stumble out onto a rocky outcrop where I find her: purple, extravagant & bright in the enfolding mist; furry yellow…

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Building a new life together

May 19, 2019

Woke this morning thinking how far we’ve come since first having a dream to sell/gift 95% of our possessions and head off to explore Europe in a self-converted van. We had to learn so many new skills to make this work – the first one being self-belief. This is an ex-delivery van (Mercedes Sprinter hi-top LWB) that originally had ply-panelling throughout and a giant metal bulkhead. It took us from April – Nov 2017 to do a complete refit. Mainly…

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One wild life

May 14, 2019

A reminder to anyone who needs to hear this today, because I know I do: it is ok to not conform, it is okay to feel like the little weedy flower rooted at the edge of a giant monoculture, and it is absolutely ok if you blossom out-of-synch with all of that. There will be enough room for every shape & thought & form if you are brave enough to unfurl your bright petals in the face of it all.…

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swimming in slow time

May 12, 2019

I had a dream the other night that I had a table full of cakes. There were so many cakes! More cakes than I could ever eat. When my friends came around I shared the cakes out as much as I could, even tried to get them to take some home. But then a group of young lairy lads showed up and I didn’t want them have the cakes even though I was being polite & they were all sat…

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