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On being both granddaughter & grandmother

July 2, 2019

Still thinking about grandmothers. About how this age changes a woman. How it has changed me since my grandson Arthur was born (swipe left). These shifts in consciousness feel nothing less than miraculous, & here I exist in this liminal space, being both grandmother & granddaughter. Time stretches out behind & before me like elastic. I can feel it thrum through the centre of my heart. The changes that have happened in the world since nana Ruth was born (see…

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Nana Ruth is my hero

July 1, 2019

This is my nana Ruth. She’ll be 100 in August. I remember childhood days of tearing around Wepre woods & returning exhausted to salads of tinned salmon with a splash of vinegar & custard slices for afters from the bakers at the bottom of the street. My nana is the thrift queen, never buying new clothes, never missing a charity shop bargain; an environmentalist before they were invented (she’d still deny she is one) she puts cheese on a plate…

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Strawberry full moon

June 21, 2019

We spent a magical two weeks camping with Andy’s parents near Fanjeux in the south of France. Vanlife is changing our relationships with our families & close friends as much as with ourselves & each other. Perhaps this is because we don’t see people as often, so when we do we make much more of an effort. Vanlife shines a bright light on everything, making us realise how easy it is to take certain connections for granted – with people…

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Keeping a relationship on the road

June 19, 2019

Vanlife wouldn’t be the same without this guy. We’ve been together fifteen years now and our relationship has been a beautiful, constantly evolving creature from day one. Sometimes I can’t believe all the things we’ve created together – all the different ways in which our lives overlap & intertwine; all the highs & lows we’ve celebrated & weathered. We still talk incessantly & share & laugh like our early days. There are of course some times we get stuck &…

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Beltane & our 15yr anniversary

May 1, 2019

It is beautiful Beltane and we are parked in a remote part of Slovenia with sunshine & bright birdsong streaming into the van. I’ve woken thinking of what I thought were two separate things but now realise they’re interlinked. Firstly, Andy & I met on MayDay fifteen years ago. This was the beginning of a firm friendship that evolved quite organically into a relationship over a number of months. Looking back it was more of an old-fashioned courtship – which…

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Commitment Vs Individualism

April 22, 2019

Thinking about commitment & individualism: being committed to your tribe (human or animal) asks a lot. The world tells us to follow our dreams, & I believe we should, but what if that conflicts with our commitments? More & more I read the advice to cut free & do whatever we want, but how does that marry with the rise in lonely people? Just living with dogs is a commitment that means we can’t go off when we want. We…

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Family time

February 12, 2019

Travel is such a gift. The opportunity to grow, to see yourself in a new light, to see people from other countries as potential connections instead of a threat. It feels like two sides of a coin: the rooting in one place / \ the letting go & learning to fly. I used to think you should be one person or the other – now I realise that growth comes from learning when to grow roots, and when to grow…

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What love is

December 5, 2018

  Love this photo. Love this man. One year in the van has had us doing a lot of reflecting on what it takes to keep a relationship working – and sometimes it’s as mercenary as one person not being prepared to let go when the other can’t see a way forward. Over our 14+ years together that’s oscillated between us. We’ve achieved so much, from bringing up our family, to curating events and supporting each other through freelance life;…

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Back together

December 2, 2018

  I’ve loved these past few solo days exploring the Slovenian coastline with this pair. They are such good company – a complete handful at times but we wouldn’t have them any other way. More and more I’m folding into this nomadic way of life and love being free to follow intuition and magic; learning to listen to the land with ears, heart and mind; flowing across landscapes like a river. This life definitely isn’t for everyone, but it’s the…

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What buys happiness?

November 15, 2018

  Woke up in my own bed this morning with hounds all snoring softly around us. Andy starts laughing as he wakes from a dream in which everyone except him turns up to a wedding in fancy dress. He informs me I am not the dashing-Jonny-Depp-Captain-Jack-Sparrow character I’d envisaged, I am more captain Pugwash; and we laugh until tears roll down our faces and the doggies play ‘musical beds’, climbing over us, digging into the duvet, circling to mark their…

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