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Life with vanhounds

January 10, 2019

Scrambled up a hill with my best hiking buddies this morning. Think they enjoyed it too 🙈. Life with this pair can be a bit of a handful at times – they have so much energy and need a lot of time outside. Luckily we’re outdoor people. Contrary to a lot of people’s perceptions, the dogs are easier to manage now we’re in a van because it’s new scenery every day, new hikes that keep them curious and excited, and…

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laundry day

January 8, 2019

Everything takes infinitely longer in vantime. The laundry means finding a launderette, finding out what their system is and making sure we have the correct detergent and change. Often it’s on a busy street so we can’t park the van outside. On the plus side you can fit a shedload of washing in one machine and the dryers are often amazing. Laundry costs us between €20-€40 depending on the county we’re in. We do it once a month and wash…

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Moroccan mint tea

December 29, 2018

  Moroccan mint tea is my absolute favourite. Mint for the digestive system, green tea to give a gentle lift. When I met a Moroccan woman a while ago she taught me to make it properly with both fresh and dried mint: in a tea infuser put green tea, dried mint and fresh mint; leave for a few minutes then remove and drink. Utterly delicious. These dried mint leaves (bottom left) are from Andy’s parent’s garden in Wales, and the…

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December 26, 2018

Love this hand-made table decoration. A gift from German travelling friends we first met in the north of Scotland – and now a reunion on a beach in Crete. A day of walks & coffee, of cakes & laughter, of Vanlife tales & hot chocolate with Irish cream. And this additional gift of a new word: Gemütlich (verb): cozy, snug, sociable. Tomorrow we will seaswim together and I will marvel again at all the elements of chance that bring certain…

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Vegan festive food

December 25, 2018

  Christmas brunch It’s 11am here on Crete. Lazy seaside breakfast of local, pan-roasted chestnuts, figs, dates, tangerines, coffee, and OJ with some Xmas fizz ☺️. Didn’t imagine I’d ever do this for Xmas. When I was 20 my beautiful daughter was born and from then I always cooked the family festive meal. It changed over the years with different family members and friends joining us. I’d cook for between six and twelve people and enjoyed finding local produce: we’re…

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The gift of time

December 23, 2018

  For the coming year I want to focus on time. It’s the one thing we have in abundance. We can gift rivers of it away to anyone or anything and yet it’s the most precious thing we can offer. We can change the world by the focus of our time. It’s priceless because we can never replicate those moments, never repeat them, never go back and do them over. So this year ahead is about taking time to savour…

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Leaving the EU

December 21, 2018

  Yesterday we flowed fluid around Dubrovnik. Another slow town traversed only on foot with no cars or bikes made walking a joy. A truly beautiful place. But with the winter cold still threatening to freeze us in our tracks we decided to make an epic drive south. 11hrs and three countries later (Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania), we arrived at the Greek border early this morning (coming to sleep on a mountain). Borders are strange places to traverse – Bosnia, Montenegro…

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Croatian Christmas markets

December 19, 2018

  Croatian markets filled with seasonal fruits. Oh my! A pomegranate the size of my head, super fresh clementines & lemons, hot chestnuts, the most succulent figs and carob(the long brown pods) which I’ve never eaten like this before – you just bite of a chunk and chew. Tastes slightly chocolatey and a bit like coffee – I’ve used the flour before as a cocoa substitute as it’s rich in protein & vitamins. Anyway – now it definitely feels like…

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Missing documents

December 18, 2018

    Beautiful evening in Split. Sunset is divine. Unfortunately we’re here because we think we left our passports at the Slovenian border control. They searched the van and the dogs were barking so it was a bit confusing – anyway that was the last time we remember them. We only realised this today. The British Consulate in Split have been so helpful but still, the border says our passports are not there so who knows where we lost them.…

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Good Karma in Croatia

December 16, 2018

  Croatia has won our hearts. Honestly the most friendly country we’ve visited so far. Yesterday after the jump-start-wine incident (see post below) we briefly met a general from the Croatian war of Independence who is a legend in his own lifetime around these parts – so much so that after he left people came to talk to us to tell us who he is and took time to explain just how much they admire and respect him. Then we…

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