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Van heating – a gamechanger

July 10, 2019

The heater was fitted this week by Andy – another skill to add our expanding repertoire of ‘things we’ve had to learn on the road’. The elation felt with each accomplishment is indescribable – it’s all about the small victories. So far the weather has dictated much of our travels – we would have stayed longer in Croatia Nov/Dec 2018 but it was becoming unbearably cold in the van so we hot-footed it down to Crete where we stayed for…

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Being stationary for a while

July 6, 2019

A grey damp day in north Wales. I’m indoors sewing fabrics while Andy’s lying on his back in the street with the fuel tank on the pavement as he fits the heater. We’ve been in a house nearly a full week as we work on van repairs & maintenance (still have service & MOT to do) and it’s making us a little stir-crazy. I’m not sure we’ll ever settle in a traditional house again – our feet are already itching…

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Moel Famau calling

June 30, 2019

I return to Cymru. It is time to visit family in every form. Yesterday morning I woke to Moel Famau calling – a subtle but insistent pull in the chest from this great grandmother, this goddess who is part of one of the world’s oldest ranges (formed in the Silurian age over 400million years ago). Her energy shaped my waking dreams when I struggled to understand all the ways in which the natural world weaves into our individual & collective…

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Super competitive swimdog

June 28, 2019

Swimming in Lac de Saint-Pardoux with Bonnie recently – she is so competitive when it comes to chasing sticks. She would happily drown me to get this one 🙈😂. New OUTSIDER chapter is now live for Patreons. Link here to subscribe. 📷 @andyrgarside ❤️💙🌍💦…

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A step with a view on the world

June 25, 2019

I love this step. It is my favourite place in the world. Every morning I sit here drinking mint tea before doing anything else. It’s a way of connecting with my surroundings, of taking it all in. In a life where the only certainty is change, I love the liminal space this step inhabits – always the same trusty step, often a new view: crescendoing snow-covered mountains, a great thundering winter Atlantic ocean, lazy-morning waking summer meadows, the rolling contrary…

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Summer solstice at Lac du Saint Pardoux

June 22, 2019

My family have been coming to Lac du Saint Pardoux for over twenty years. I have a deep affinity with this beautiful lake and am loving every step of this weekend reminding me that, in this place I lost my mind & found myself; in this place the landscape came to life in my imagination in a way I would never had said was possible; in this place I asked the trees to help someone I loved dearly & witnessed…

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June 17, 2019

Travelling across Europe I am coming to realise how many more cultures exist in the liminal spaces between living people & history books; how many more words & stories grow like weeds in the manicured lawn of western cultural hegemony. I need to learn languages again. I don’t have any except English and Cymraeg (and my Welsh unravels a little more every day I don’t use it); although I can get by in French. I woke thinking of this older…

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