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Dark Mountain 10th anniversary

July 17, 2019

Sophie McKeand The world is a beautiful, unfathomable being; an eternally shapeshifting spirit; a guide everybody can connect with on their life journey. We do not need wise men, religions or spiritual guides, we just need to be prepared to put the work in to understand our Selves on a deep & meaningful level. This means complete honesty about our situation. This means facing our shadows. This means manifesting joy even in our darkest hours. Our creativity is a gift…

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on woodsmoke & utopias

July 5, 2019

Since being on the road, so many inspiring women have appeared in my life: women with unapologetic wrinkles, women with ‘too-loud’ laughs utterly unashamed to take up space; mothers, grandmothers, aunts (whether literal or in a more metaphorical sense); all creative, earth-focussed women who have appeared like magic to offer friendship or support or just a generous ear; women who are just quietly working away to make their part of the world a better place to be.…

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Moel Famau calling

June 30, 2019

I return to Cymru. It is time to visit family in every form. Yesterday morning I woke to Moel Famau calling – a subtle but insistent pull in the chest from this great grandmother, this goddess who is part of one of the world’s oldest ranges (formed in the Silurian age over 400million years ago). Her energy shaped my waking dreams when I struggled to understand all the ways in which the natural world weaves into our individual & collective…

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Birds nests in my heart

June 24, 2019

After a torrential rainstorm recently, I find this tiny birds’ nest on the ground under a pine tree. It is so perfectly formed & fragile I have to scoop it up. When I do, I’m enamoured with its delicate weavings – such artistry! Moss & grasses have been purposefully threaded to form the base structure. But mostly I’m surprised by the sturdy composition – a miscellany of hair: dog, horse, human, are tightly woven & layered so that the inner…

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Strawberry full moon

June 21, 2019

We spent a magical two weeks camping with Andy’s parents near Fanjeux in the south of France. Vanlife is changing our relationships with our families & close friends as much as with ourselves & each other. Perhaps this is because we don’t see people as often, so when we do we make much more of an effort. Vanlife shines a bright light on everything, making us realise how easy it is to take certain connections for granted – with people…

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The art of transpiration

June 20, 2019

Working on writing another poem in the ‘connecting with trees’ series has me thinking of this poem written over a year ago. Increasingly I feel I have nothing to teach, increasingly I believe I cannot show anybody how to do anything – it’s one of the reasons I’ve quit workshopping. How can I stand in front of a group and teach them how to write anything if all I can really do is to say?: You are beautiful & individual…

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Learning the language of the Land

June 18, 2019

We’ve been stationary in the south of France for over a week and it’s finally given me the space to finish the new poetry pamphlet, The Slow-Time Traveller. I’m returning to a hand-stitched pamphlet for this in the way that Hanes, Prophecy, and DRKMTR were all made. Having a limited run and taking the time to make each piece feels fitting. There’s something connecting & grounding about this way of Slow Publishing. I wrote a poem for connecting with autumn/winter…

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Learning from my mistakes

June 12, 2019

I’ve been so busy getting all the new work ready to drop on Patreon this Friday morning I forgot to do a blog for today. Anyway we were paid a visit by this glorious cream spot tiger moth recently, at one point it landed on my hand. What a beauty! Thanks to our daughter @rhi_mckeand for the identification. Learning the names of the plants & creatures makes complete sense through this organic process of being in nature instead of a…

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