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December 2019

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Vanhounds for life

December 6, 2019

Cant believe I caught this shot today. Love this pair so much. They make life on the road infinitely more interesting. This basically sums up my year, so I’m gonna leave it here for you all to enjoy. You’re welcome. #vanlife #vanlifeeurope #homeiswhereyouparkit #rescuehounds #adoptdontshop #spain #dogslife #bestfriends #vanhounds #houndsofinstagram …

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creating poetry

When the movement is more important than the destination

December 6, 2019

A lot of the time life feels like this  balancing act between maintaining momentum but not overdoing things. I’ve definitely been guilty of overaction for the sake of it in the past. It’s how I’ve kept the anxiety at bay. These days it feels good to have resolved that creative tension – still feeding the need to keep creating, while letting go of expected outcomes. I think maybe that’s a confidence that comes with age. Anyway, I’m going to pause…

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Advent calendar

December 2, 2019

// parked between the sun and a new moon the world has shifted within / days are not counted like beans / time is not spent like money / energy roils from the Atlantic into my heart where dreams of adventure are beginning to take shape in the pale grey formlessness / imaginings are fishes flashing in depths / I cast no nets / will not catch them so young / instead, I will gift them to the dolphins //…

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